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Queue Viewer#



This provides full playback queue management as an embedded UI element for Default UI and Columns UI. There is also a standalone popup window available from the View menu.

There is full drag/drop support from other playlist / library viewer selections. You can select single or multiple items to re-arrange or remove them entirely.

Unlike the original foo_queuecontents component, there is no support for multiple columns but the Item column supports custom title formatting.

queue viewer

By right clicking on the column headers, you can set the title format pattern used for the Item column, choose to Keep queue on close and sort the entire queue by randomising or reverse.


It is assumed you know how to add UI elements to your layout. Basic guides can be found below.

Default UI

Columns UI

In addition to the drag/drop capabilities mentioned above, you can also right click any playlist or library selection and use these new commands found under the Queue Viewer sub-menu:

Send to playback queue
Send to playback queue and play
Add to front of playback queue
Add to front of playback queue and play

The Send commands flush exisiting queue items first.


If menu items appear to be hidden, it's because the queue is limited to a maximum of 256 tracks.



  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK.
  • The minimum requirement is now foobar2000 2.1.


  • Fix bug where foobar2000 keyboard shortcuts were suppressed if this panel had focus. This affected Columns UI only.


  • Restore alternate line shading for Default UI elements.


  • Improve UI colour handling.


  • Code cleanup.


  • Check dropped items and restored items against the active playlist to make %queue_index% available if possible.


  • Viewer settings must now be set by right clicking the column header. Right clicking queue items only shows options relevant for the selection.


  • Hopefully fix column header redraw glitch when toggling between dark and light modes in Default UI.


  • Add random / reverse sort options to the viewer instance right click menu. They always apply to the whole queue, not the selection.


  • Fix bug where the existing queue item count was not considered for displaying/hiding the new context menu options added in 1.0.16.


  • Add new context commands for adding playlist / library viewer selections to the front of the queue while keeping existing queue items.


  • Make %queue_index% available when using the context menu Send options on Library selections that are also present in the active playlist.
  • Remove auto-scroll workarounds and use the latest foobar2000 SDK which fixes previously reported issues.


  • Add support for themed style to match Default UI and Columns UI playlists.


  • Implement auto-scrolling when drag/dropping over the top/bottom of the list.


  • Improve UI colour handling.


  • Fixes an issue where using the context menu to send active playlist items to the queue wasn't handled in the special way needed for the %queue_index% to be available.


  • Adds context menu options for sending playlist/library viewer selections to the queue. As opposed to the existing add command, this flushes existing queue items first. There is also an option to play immediately.


  • Fixes a bug where the column header font was not set correctly.


  • You can now customise the title formatting used for the Item column. Use the option found on the right click menu.


  • Fixes a bug where the selection state of moved items was not preserved.


  • Add toggle for keeping the queue when foobar2000 is closed. For this to work, a file named foo_queue_viewer.fpl is saved in the root of your foobar2000 profile folder. It will be used to restore the queue on the next start. Note that this option is off by default.


  • Fix bug when using the Default UI System Default theme in certain scenarios.


  • Add support for drag/dropping playlist/library viewer selections on to the window.


  • Add a popup window to the main View menu.


  • Fix a bug in 1.0.1 which would cause a crash if the queue was active before adding a panel to a layout.