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Cover Utils#



This component requires at least Windows 8.1+ and foobar2000 2.1+.


This is a combined replacement for foo_cover_info and foo_cover_resizer. If you have either/both installed, you must remove them first.

Note that this uses a separate database for front cover info storage so files would need scanning again. Also, different title format fields are used for display. See below.


Use the right click menu on any playlist/library selection and you'll find a Cover Utils sub menu.


This option will resize existing embedded art. Reading most common image types is supported but you must choose JPG or WebP when saving.

Convert without resizing#

Converts existing embedded art without resizing. You must choose JPG or WebP.

Browse for file, resize and attach#

This option lets you browse for an image file and will then resize it before attaching it to the current selection. Images already smaller than the specified max size will not be processed. You should attach those via the native foobar2000 options under the Tagging menu.

Browse for file, convert and attach#

Use the file picker and then choose to convert the file to JPG or WebP.

Remove all except front#

Since most people only want front covers, this is a handy method for removing all the other types.

Scan for info#

Because it's not possible to query files for embedded album art within foobar2000, you can use this option to process a selection of files and store the results in a database.


The component automatically tracks all updates to front cover properties when using built in methods to add/convert/resize etc. It's not possible to track changes from native foobar2000 album art operations so if you do that, files would need re-scanning manually.

Data is available in the following fields which are available wherever title formatting is supported.

%cover_utils_front_format% JPEG, PNG, WebP, etc.
%cover_utils_front_size% Nicely formatted image size in KB/MB.
%cover_utils_front_bytes% Raw image size.


Database records are attached to the %path% of each file. Records are preserved if files are renamed/moved with File operations. If files are renamed/moved externally, records would be orphaned and the files would need scanning again.

Records have a lifetime of 4 weeks if they are not included in the Media Library or playlist.


Here's a custom column configuration that would show all information if present.

[%cover_utils_front_width%x%cover_utils_front_height%, %cover_utils_front_size%, %cover_utils_front_format%]

cover info

You can also perform playlist/library searches using query syntax like this:

%cover_utils_front_width% PRESENT

Clear cover info#

This clears all existing info for the current selection.



  • Initial release